We are happy you are here and understand you are probably excited about getting started and winning auctions as soon as possible. That’s why we want to get you one step ahead of the rest with insider tips, tricks, and techniques on how to win auctions and outbid your competitors!

Keep your eye on the prize. Bid on just one auction at a time at first. Find one you really want to win and focus all your energy on it. This way, you can watch the process the whole way through.

Learn from your competitors. Pay attention to how the auctions tend to go, and what other people are doing to win. You can learn just from watching other users and how they bid.

Stay on your toes and of course, make sure you have enough bids to make it to the end of the auction.


Anyone can bid on theusefulauction.com the best way to get started is to pick smaller value stamps for your first few auctions. The smaller auctions have fewer people to bid against and increase your odds of winning. They will also require fewer bids to win, so you won’t waste a lot of bids while learning the system. Many users find it helpful to do their first few practice auctions by bidding on bid packages. Then, once you feel comfortable, move on to the more higher value stamps. This is a great way to make sure that you only spend bids on auctions you have a high chance of winning. It only takes a few practice runs to get the hang of it.


Helpful tips and tricks to help you become a winner and beat out other bidders:


Here are some of the top-rated methods from our top leaders:

Brush up on our website. Take a peek at our entire FAQ section and read all of the information you can find before you start bidding. Then simply watch a few auctions to see how things work.

Timing is everything. Figure out when people are going to be bidding on products you want and which times of day you are going to be most alert. Then, make sure you enter auctions at the best time possible. Trying to bid at a time when there are dozens of bidders and you are very tired will simply waste some of your bids. Try bidding early in the morning or late at night when there is not a high volume of users on theusefulauction.com

Stay on theusefulauction.com do not be tempted have a lot of other sites and tabs open during an auction or you will get distracted and miss the best opportunities. Sometime users find that if they have too many tabs open, their computer runs slower and can also crash. It’s best to put all your focus in on winning auctions.

Check out your competitors. Some users are very competitive and willing to spend a lot of bids just for the sake of winning. Other users are more reasonable. If you notice that an auction is being dominated by someone who is willing to spend hundreds of bids, you might be better off waiting until the item comes up for auction again later. Being aware of this will save your bids, effort, and time.

Try to place most of your bids at the end of the auction. There is no point in building up the price early in the auction while eating up your available bids. Place your bids in the last few minutes as the auction winds down.