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Barista & Co Coffee Gift Set

Barista & Co Coffee Gift Set
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  • Barista & Co coffee gift set
  • Set includes:
  • 125ml porcelain espresso cup
  • 3 cocoa stencils
  • 3 stainless steel coffee bag clips
  • Copper colour stainless steel 350ml milk jug
  • Stainless steel milk thermometer
  • Copper measuring spoon
  • 3 cup 350ml plunge pot
  • Indulgent copper colours
  • More gift sets available separately

Amaze a coffee lover with this Barista & Co coffee gift set. Adorned with metallic copper hues, this gift set includes everything you need to create the perfect cup. Inject style into curbing your caffeine craving with this chic black box opening to reveal luxurious products from Barista & Co. Containing a copper plunge pot to brew three cups for you to enjoy, a stainless steel milk thermometer to present your drinks at the optimum temperature and a copper measuring spoon with 15ml and 30ml capacities for a single or double shot ensuring the delicious aroma is enjoyed. Present your creation in luxury with the set of three cocoa stencils to leave a message to a friend, 125ml porcelain grey espresso cup and copper milk jug to place on the table. Finished with three stainless steel coffee bag clips to easily store your unused coffee, this is a fabulous gift idea for a loved one.

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